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On Thursday 15th September, we hosted our school’s Mission Day. The theme this year was to launch the CAFOD Live Simply Award with our whole school community. 

“God owns our Earth – please take care of it.” Deuteronomy 10:14

Our whole school day was dedicated to exploring the various ways we can, ‘live simply, live sustainably and live in solidarity with the poor’. 

Father Liam joined our Year 6 children to lead a whole school reflection introducing the award and the ways we can take action. Our school community was then blessed through the words of Jesus, as we asked for guidance on our journey with CAFOD.

Each class had a different activity to immerse themselves in which will contribute to our award.

Foundation Stage: Create a class pledge.
Year 1: Litter picking around our school grounds.
Year 2: Planting vegetables for us to grow and care for.
Year 3: Design a prayer garden which provides a space for reflection.
Year 4: Plan and deliver a Collective Worship on the International Day of Peace.
Year 5: Write a letter to a local care home to combat loneliness.
Year 6: Write a letter to our Prime Minister about ways we can ‘live simply’.

We are happy to announce our plan has been accepted and we are now working towards fulfilling our mission to be a ‘CAFOD Live Simply’ School.
Live Simply Schools Certificate [PDF]