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Times Tables Rockstars

Times Tables Rock Stars is a computer programme which St Cuthbert’s has bought to help support the learning of times tables, particularly in preparation for the statutory Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) at the end of Year 4.

It is a fun, interactive, competitive program with several different types of games which the children can play on at home (and in school). The children can earn points for their “rock status” and receive certificates.

We have been impressed at how engaged the children are when using this program, as well as the speed and fluency which they are able to recall their times tables.

All children from Year 1 – 6 have their own login. Their class teacher will set specific times tables for them to practise, in line with the National Curriculum expectations. We would ask that you encourage and support your child in using this resource, to help them in their learning of times tables.

If you have any questions about Times Tables Rock Stars, please speak to your child’s teacher or Miss Garvey (Maths Co-ordinator).

Weblink: TT Rockstars

Y4 Multiplication Tables Check

Download: Multiplication Tables Check Information for Parents 2020 [PDF]

Practise the multiplication check
Weblink: Multiplication Check Game

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