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Year 3 & 4 MyBnk Workshops (Spring 2020)

MyBnk have been coming in to school to deliver some fantastic workshops to our Year 3 and 4 pupils. My Bnk are an education charity delivering financial education to schools and youth organisations. The programme was delivered across a 6 week period with the providers coming in on three occasions (once every two weeks) to run sessions My Money’, ‘My Choices’ and ‘My Future’. The sessions were highly interactive and designed to help set positive money habits and mind-sets from an early age.

My Money: Looking at how and where we get money, forms of payment and different bank accounts.
My Choices: Making choices with money, delaying gratification, needs vs wants and understanding that money is finite.
My Future: Understanding why people save, setting money goals and how setting positive money habits now will help in the future.

HMRC Junior Tax Facts Workshop (14th Nov 2019)

HMRC came in to deliver a Junior Tax Facts workshop to our Year 3-6 pupils. The workshop introduced them to the subject of taxation by explaining that taxes are the money that people and businesses have to pay to the government.

The session explained in simple terms that:

  • When you have a job and earn money, you pay some of that money back to the government as tax
  • If you run a business, some of the profit the business makes is given to the government as a tax
  • Some of the things you buy also have tax included in the price.

The programme also introduced the idea that, as taxpayers and responsible citizens, we all make a small contribution towards the things that benefit everyone.