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We all have mental health – pupils, parents, families and staff. Mental health affects how you feel, think and act. It refers to your emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. As a school we recognise and appreciate the way in which our mental health can change on a daily basis and over time, and can be affected by a range of factors.

It’s important that we all take care of our own mental health as well as that of others.  Mental health is as important as our physical health and plays a key role in allowing us to:

  • learn and explore the world
  • feel, express and manage positive and negative emotions
  • form and maintain good relationships with others
  • cope with / manage, change, setbacks and uncertainty
  • develop and thrive

Supporting and developing the mental health and emotional wellbeing of pupils, in order for them to flourish, is a whole school priority at St Cuthbert’s.  From the very start of our pupils’ education, we adapt our teaching, curriculum and provision, to provide them with the necessary knowledge and ‘tools’ to recognise and respond to their own and others’ mental health.